Additional Services

… any extra for our wine-loving visitors!

We have a range of additional services, all of which are designated to give that extra level of service to all of our dedicated returning clients! The list includes Wine Catering for both personal and business-related events, wine delivery, waiter and sommelier rentals, tours across the local Napa vineyards and so much more… Overall, we want to introduce our visitors to the fine world of wines! We’re never afraid to go the extra mile to satisfy the ever-evolving need of our customers!

Vineyards Touring

Being located in the most vibrant wine-producing state in all America, it was obvious to us from the start, that vineyards sightseeing excursions should be on the list of additional services that we provide. Since 2007 we do that as well!

Wine Delivery

We’re living in the fast-moving world, where a speedy delivery is a vital part of it. Order a bottle (or two) of our fine American wines and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. This works for clients located within 200 miles radius.

Waiters & Sommeliers

Quite often, a big-scale event might need a pair of skillful hands to service all the visitors properly. That’s why we offer to rent out one of our waiters or hire one of our seasoned sommeliers for wine recommendations to your guests.

Wine Catering

We offer our catering services both for personal occasions and parties, as well as for the business-related happenings… Be sure, that with your event’s buffet being packed with our fine American wine, absolutely any event will surely be a hit!

Rare Wines

Having our own vineyard since 1877 and being in the restaurant business for almost 25 years by now, we’ve got a lot of rare vintages of Californian wines collected. Each and every one of those is up for a sale on specialized auctions we host once in 3 years.

Wine Tasting

It was an absolutely obvious decision for us to host wine tasting festivals, which we’ve started doing back in 1999. Since then these festivities and challenges proved to be very popular with all of our customers.