Frequently asked questions

Over the years that we work in this business, we’ve noticed that there are always some questions which a majority of our customers ask.

That is why we decided to sort it into an easily accessible FAQ listing.

Do you have a professional wine-tasting sommelier?


In fact, our wine restaurant has a team of 10 seasoned sommeliers, each of them being a professional with a long practical experience. Many of our sommeliers have been personally recognized on numerous wine tasting events…Each one of them will be more than happy to either advise you a perfect wine to pick or pair your dish with a wine…

Does your wine restaurant have other locations?

Currently we have just one location in San Francisco.

Should we open a 2nd location, we will most surely inform via a blog post!

Besides the wine, do you have any accompanying main courses?

We have a separate menu for food, which includes numerous appetizers, main courses, desserts and gourmet cheeses…

Our Main Courses Chef Timothy Rooney will make sure that your wine is accompanied with a perfect dish!

Can I host my personal event at your restaurant?

We do offer our premises (or some halls) for a rent out, but there are some restrictions…

Namely, that service is available only for late night occasions, in order not to disrupt the daytime schedule of the restaurant.

Do you offer wine tasting?

That service has always been one of our biggest focuses…

Each month or so we throw a wine-tasting event or a competition with a free entrance and a minimal deposit to attend.

Do you sell vintage wines?


With our wine restaurant being 24 years old and his family’s vineyard more than 140 years old, we’ve accumulated an impressive collection of rare American vintages. We have such rare wines as Cune Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva 1977; G.D. Vajra Barolo Albe 1903 & Mollydooker Two Left Feet McLaren Vale 1899…

A majority of those wines gets sold during specialized auctions that we host.

Do you sell any other alcohol drinks beside the wine?

Sure, besides the American wines and some European wines we also have a pretty nice lineup of American sparkling wines…

Do you have some sort of Discount club for returning customers?

When the customer is at a checkout at a restaurant, a Discounts Club card will always be offered…

Do you offer catering services?

Without any doubt we do! We do American Wine catering both for private special occasions and the business-related meetings, conferences, and galas!

Any other questions? Please Contact Us